A rugged take on luxury.

Born in Vancouver, inspired by the allure of the mountains and what lays just beyond reach, Weathered brings together purposeful design and luxury craftsmanship, materializing natures unity with urban life. 

Designed, crafted, and tested in Canada, from design to delivery, the Weathered process is uniquely homegrown, allowing us to never compromise in offering you the highest quality product.

Real-World Tested

While designed primarily with casual wear in mind, our garments are held to the high standards of the outdoors, and thus, are tested to ensure quality construction and durability.

Local Manufacturing

Every step of the Weathered process takes place in Vancouver, Canada. From designing to sourcing and manufacturing, this city has a hand in all aspects of the brand.

Organic Fabrics

Working with local suppliers, we believe in sourcing organic fabrics whenever possible. Both for their quality and feel, they are the standard with which we craft our garments.

Eco Packaging

As a brand rooted in nature, it would be silly not to understand the importance of an eco-friendly packaging solution. That's why we have designed our unboxing experience with 100% recyclable materials.

"Weathered is really just a culmination of all my interests and lifestyles growing up in North Vancouver. Growing up here, I spent a lot of time in the mountains, a lifestyle not unique to me however, something apparent within the fashion choices of those around me. Brands like Arc'teryx (who are headquartered five minutes away) and Patagonia were wardrobe staples for many, chosen for their functionality, a functionality that would go on to define an entire genre of fashion. As my own style progressed, I became increasingly influenced by vintage and militarian designs - this got me thinking. With the outerwear industry placing so much emphasis on technology development and functionality, I found the core aesthetic of the outdoors that I’d fallen in love with was getting diluted. I wanted high-quality garments inspired by this environment, that were rooted in casual wear rather than performance. This is where Weathered was born; a rugged take on luxury."

- Daniel Wickstone